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    Kona Lemongrass Luau Lemongrass Luau is a crisp, refreshing blonde ale brewed with a touch of wheat malt, ginger, and fresh lemongrass. The hops lend layers of earthy complexity that complement the spicy, gingersnap flavors and aromas from the ginger and fresh lemongrass added throughout the brew. A crisp, refreshing summer quencher!  
    United We Summer Grey Eagle Distributors is excited to get this summer started!! Budweiser and Bud Light are both changing it up a bit with their graphics. The Budweiser temporary label swap is meant to inspire our consumers to celebrate America and what it stands for! Bud Light is also celebrating America this summer with iconic graphics to enhance the amazing "United We Summer" program to bring patriotism to life at retail!
    Bud Light Lime Water-Melon-Rita Summer is almost here, which means so is a new Rita; BUD LIGHT LIME Water-Melon-Rita! Bud Light Lime Water-Melon-Rita combines the great taste of watermelon margarita with a refreshing twist of Bud Light Lime and is the perfect compliment to your summer! Look for Bud Light Lime Water-Melon-Rita on store shelves and in bar coolers coming soon!
    Welcome: 10 Barrel, Blue Point, & Elysian! 10 Barrel Brewing Co. have put their focus into the IPA's. Some of their beers include: Joe IPA, Apocalypse IPA, & DUB a double IPA. Blue Point Brewery is named after the famous Blue Point oysters that Long Island, the place they call home, is known for! They offer multiple different beers like Toasted Lager, which is their flagship brand, Blueberry Ale, and Hoptical Illusion. Elysian Brewery uses cutting edge artwork to draw their customers in and the liquid is what keeps them around. Some of their brands include: Space Dust IPA, Immortal IPA, &  Loser Pale Ale.
    High Brew Coffee Grey Eagle Distributors is excited to introduce a new way to start your mornings - High Brew Coffee! The premium line of ready-to-drink cold-brew coffee is rich in caffeine and antioxidants. Each can contains 20 to 60 calories. The coffee utilizes an extended no-heat brewing process that amplifies the natural flavors in Arabica coffee beans and contains lower acidity than an average cup of coffee. Flavors include Double Espresso, Mexican Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Mocha.
    Calypso Lemondades Grey Eagle Distributors is proud to introduce Calyposo Lemonades! Calypso, the originator of the Flavored Lemonade category, has evolved from four Lemonade blends into twenty unique Lemonade, Limeade and Teamonade combinations over the past fifteen¬†years. Each Calypso is made with real fruit, real sugar, real fruit bits and served in high-quality custom glass bottles.  
    Rita Splash Family Lime-A-Rita Splash and Straw-Ber-Rita Splash are light and refreshing while still maintaining that margarita finish! These flavors will be available as a 4% ABV lighter margarita alternative in 12oz glass bottles and 16oz cans!  
    Shocktop Lemon Shandy Shocktop Grapefruit has arrived!! Shocktop Grapefruit is our new seasonal and will only be available for a limited time! It is a Belgian-Style wheat ale brewed with spices and grapefruit peel, and with natural grapefruit and orange flavors. It is the perfect addition to your summer!

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    Daily Specials – Friday, February 24

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 @ 11:02 AM

    Classic’s – 11601 West Florissant

    Bud Light Platinum Sampling: 4pm-5pm


    Schnuck’s – 141 Hilltown Village

    Widmer Drifter/Rotator/Pitch Black IPA/Hefeweizen Sampling: 4pm-6pm


    Dierberg’s – 5640 Telegraph

    Bud Light Platinum Sampling: 430pm-630pm


    Schnuck’s – 12756 Olive

    Bud Light Platinum Sampling: 430pm-630pm


    Dierberg’s – 450 Old Smizer Mill

    Bud Light Platinum Sampling: 430pm-7pm


    Dierberg’s – 8450 Eager

    Bud Light Platinum Sampling: 430pm-7pm


    Nuts – 5 Midland

    Bud Light Platinum Sampling: 430pm-530pm


    Schnuck’s – 9540 Watson

    Stella Artois/Beck’s Pilsner Sampling: 430pm-630pm


    Fandango’s – 2940 Dougherty Ferry

    Bud Light Platinum Sampling: 530pm-630pm


    HotShots – 12154 St. Charles Rock Road

    Bud Light Platinum Sampling: 6pm-7pm

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