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    Kona Wailua Wheat Wailua Falls, located on Maui, is a plunging cascade of clear water and is the inspiration for Wailua Wheat. This golden, sun colored ale has a bright, citrus flavor that comes from the tropical passion fruit we brew into each batch.  
    Spiked Seltzer Spiked Seltzer is naturally flavored and gluten-free.  It contains only five grams of carbs and 6% alcohol. It is made exclusively from purified water and natural ingredients. The fresh fruit flavors infused in Spiked Seltzer are derived from cold-pressed citrus essence from a variety of fruits. Fermentation of this citrus essence and sugar naturally produces 6% alcohol. The result is clean and clear without the sugary sweetness of wine or the heaviness of beer.
    Bud Light Lime Grape and Peach Rita Spring is here here, which means so is a new Rita; BUD LIGHT LIME Grape and Peach Rita! Bud Light Lime Grape-A-Rita and Peach-A-Rita is still the 8% Rita drink you love! They are both sweet and refreshing with juicy grape and peach flavor. Best served over ice! Look for Bud Light Lime Grape-A-Rita and Peach-A-Rita on store shelves and in bar coolers now!
    Golden Road Tart Mango Cart Golden Road Tart Mango Cart is is a wheat ale brewed with mango. It has a 3.2% ABV and will be available soon! Perfect beer for summer sippin'!
    O’Fallon STL Red O'Fallon STL Red was created to honor our hometown passions. It balances a sweet roasted nut flavors from the barley malt with the soft spicy and floral notes from the hops. Perfect for gameday in the Lou!
    Elysian Dayglow IPA A touch of wheat hazes the malt bill, softening this bright and crisp IPA. Dayglow is packed with juicy hops featuring pineapple and tropical fruit flavors and aromas!
    Teavana Teavana searches for the most exceptional whole tea leaves the world has to offer—we visit the most fertile regions, selecting only the youngest, freshest leaves. They brew, taste, brew and taste again, taking up to 12 months to select the very best ones. All so they can offer you the best-tasting cup possible, every time.  
    Shocktop Variety Pack Shocktop has a new look and new flavors! This revamped brand will offer new flavors and new tastes! The variety pack will have Shocktop Belgian White, Ruby Fresh, Lemon Shandy, and the exclusive flavor to the pack, Holy Citrus! These are truly the greatest citrus flavors you will experience! They come in 12pk or a 24pk.

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    About Grey Eagle

    Grey Eagle is the exclusive distributor of Anheuser-Busch beers and other premium beverages including Budweiser, Michelob, Busch, Shock Top, Natural Light, Goose Island, and O’Fallon in St. Louis County, Franklin County and Gasconade County, as well as the counties of Saint Clair and Monroe in Illinois. Grey Eagle is the largest beer wholesaler in the Midwest and one of the largest in the nation.


    Grey Eagle sells and delivers nearly ten million cases of beer each year and has approximately 300 full-time employees (Union and Non-Union) within the two distribution centers. The Missouri center is located in Maryland Heights near Page Avenue and Lindbergh Boulevard, and the Illinois center is located in Belleville off Highway 15. Grey Eagle is the only beer distributor in its service area whose beer is delivered exclusively by union members.


    Grey Eagle has a special presence in our area of St. Louis County, surrounding counties, and the St. Louis metropolitan area because St. Louis is the home of Anheuser-Busch, the world’s largest brewer and one of the nation’s most admired companies. Due to our close relationship with Anheuser-Busch the Grey Eagle family of employees is dedicated to delivering the best service and highest quality products to our customers. Our employees take pride in Grey Eagle’s involvement and activity in many charitable organizations in the St. Louis metropolitan community.